Our Approach to Student Learning

For Literacy, 03M149 has chosen Expeditionary Learning for grades K-8. For Math, Bridges in Mathematics (K-2) and New York State Engage Curriculum Units (3-8). Each content area requires curriculum maps with clear objectives, learning targets, lessons, and assessments outlined throughout the year so that teachers have a clearer understanding of what needs to be taught; when; and how to appropriately assess it.

The workshop model enables students to experience  direct instruction from teachers and then receive varied levels of scaffolded support based on individual student needs. Small groups and 1-on-1 check-ins enable teachers to monitor student understanding and plan instructional next steps for specific students and whole class.​

Grades 3-8  participate in Book Clubs, creating a cohesive guided reading program throughout all classrooms. Book Clubs include unit plans for each book read, daily lesson plans, end of unit projects,
and reading level assessments.

PS/MS 149 will be utilizing distance learning while schools are closed. See the links on this page for necessary and supplemental resources, and reach out if you have any questions.

Remote Learning Links
Mrs. Delouise Briggs is our Remote Learning Point Person. She can be reached via email at if you have any questions or need support. If you would like to call the school, please use call us at (646) 397-9408 or (646) 672-9020.