Hydroponic Gardening

New York SunWorks has partnered with SoTru to introduce hydroponic technology at our school. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions and water instead of soil. Adding artificial light to the mix—allows us to grow a variety of edible flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables—indoors.

Our hydroponic systems are specifically engineered to grow crops faster, larger and more plentiful than would be true of the same plants in a traditional soil setting.

The work we do in our Greenhouse Classroom in collaboration with the New York SunWorks curriculum is designed to inspire our students to ask questions, investigate systems, make predictions and design solutions.

Through projects, critical thinking, discussion, and peer-collaboration, teams of students gain an increased awareness of the responsibility of science to climate change, the environment, and nutrition

.Along the way, student-scientists experience the excitement of successfully planting, growing and caring for their plants. As well as harvesting them once they’ve reached maturity

.Finally, they participate in the communal preparing and eating of a healthy snack. A meal they cook after measuring the ingredients from a nutritious recipe, using their own hands, and the plants and herbs they’ve so carefully studied and nurtured.

We invite you to be a part of this unique program.

Our Greenhouse In Action

A close up of orange and yellow marigold flowers grown in our garden.
A picture of 3 cucumbers hanging from a vine in front of a window.
They were grown in our garden.
A vanishing perspective  of potted plants set in a row under heated lamps. Very dramatic looking.
A close up of yellow flowers grown in our hydroponic garden.
Numerous sprawling plants growing under heated lamps.
A bed of planted peas labeled with various students names.