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We offer a variety of seasonal student activities. Please check this page or call us for updates.​
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Student Activities

At Sojourner Truth we have loads of activities all designed to help our future leaders perform to the best of their ability. From visual arts and hydroponic gardens to running with the NYC Road Runner club we have every base covered. Join an activity today.

a handsome kids smiling with paint on his forehead holding a palette with paint.

Visual Arts

Art Education affects students' school engagement, aspirations. Check out our virtual gallery


Students who have early musical training will develop the areas of the brain related to language and reasoning.

A gym teacher with a soccer ball discussing the next  activity with a group of kids outside.

Physical Ed

The benefits of physical education in schools are far-reaching, including both increased student physical health and better academic performance.

A neat and organized rows of hydroponic plants.

Hydroponic Gardening

During class students will learn about a method of farming that does not use soil. Hydroponics can be used to grow many of the foods you eat, and has many advantages over traditional farming..

Two girls in the library loking at books to take out.


The school library encourages curiosity, innovation and problem-solving. It is integral to the cultural and social life of the school.

The logo for Rising New York Road Runners placed on a blended dark blue to royal blue background


Rising New York Road Runners is NYRR's free single, comprehensive youth running and fitness platform that launched in fall 2017. Be active and stay healthy.